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The Best of Both Worlds: Transitional Rugs

Say “And” not “Or”

Are you torn between the elegance of tradition and the appeal of modernity? Then the transitional rug is the perfect solution.

The transitional rug draws upon the best parts of traditional designs and contemporary color schemes to create a unique and versatile work of art.

The intricate patterns seen in traditional rugs find a new, modernized home in the transitional rug. Transitional rugs transcend conventional labels by blending the ornate medallions and motifs of traditional rugs with the rejuvenated and eclectic color pallets of their contemporary cousins.

Unlike the abstracted designs of modern rugs, the transitional rug retains the elegant structure of antiquity, but with a fashionable, trendy twist. Thanks to its versatility, you will have no trouble at all incorporating a transitional rug into your home.

With a large range of colors and patterns to choose from, transitional rugs are like chameleons. Your transitional rug can easily serve as an eye catching centerpiece if you opt for a pop of color, or with a more neutral choice your rug can assimilate into your decor’s pre-established color scheme.

Whether you decorate your room around your rug, or choose your rug as a finishing touch that ties everything together, you can transform any room with the addition of a transitional rug. As a genre bending work of art, transitional rugs are destined to be a treasured and admired heirloom in your family’s home.

With so many options to choose from, the transitional rug offers you the best of both worlds. And better yet, Agora Fine Rugs is here to help you and ensure you walk away with your perfect match.

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