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3 Ways You Can Decorate Your Room Around A Rug

You found the perfect rug that fits your unique style. Now you need to incorporate the rug into your room to create a beautiful space. So how do you do that? You accessorize with a couple of the dominant colors in the rug.

Here are 3 ways to decorate a room around your rug:

1. Furniture

Add furniture pieces that pull in a dominant color from the palette of the rug. Choose one of the colors of the rug that you love and add an upholstered chair in the color tone. You can also bring in a chair that is wood and add a pillow that has the same color hues.

2. Throw blankets and pillows

If you don’t want to replace your sofa, you can pull in colors of the rug by adding a pop of color with a throw blanket or accent pillows. This works best with a neutral sofa, so it doesn’t fight with the additional color.

3. Artwork

Adding a piece of artwork is a great way to pull the rug colors into the room. If you have a modern rug that has bold colors, adding a piece of modern art is a great way to compliment the rug. If your rug is more traditional, you can always decorate a wall with unique plates in various colors that are present in your rug.

A rug with a pop of color is a great way to anchor the room and center the area you are trying to highlight. Whatever style of rug you choose, there are easy ways to incorporate it into your space by adding accessories. Don’t be afraid to add color and texture to your room. The rug can still be the star of the show as long as you balance the amount of color you add.

Agora Fine Rugs offers you the ability to create a custom design using thousands of color options. From a small entry rug to a grand rectangular design that becomes a statement piece. Every rug is hand-knotted using only the finest organic materials.

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