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What is a traditional rug?

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Traditional rugs usually include Turkish, Persian and Oriental rugs. These rugs have unique designs that include intricate motifs, flowers and medallions. They feature bold colors like dark navy, deep reds and rich golds. They are typically made of wool, silk and cotton.

These traditional rugs are hand-knotted and naturally dyed using vegetable dyes.

The hand-knotted technique of rug making is a very complex process. The rugs are made on a loom using an ancient technique that has been passed down for centuries. The weaver hand knots individual pieces of yarn into a loom to create the rug. This is a very detailed and intricate process that takes months to complete.

How to know if a rug is hand-knotted

You can spot the hand-knotted rug easily by turning over the rug. You can actually see each individual knot on the back of the rug. When you look closely at the knots, they often look imperfect, which illustrates the work of human hands.

Front of Rug Back of Rug

Traditional rugs can change the look of an entire space. The boldness of the color and design give you the perfect statement piece to design your room around. The rug is like a piece of art that becomes the focal point of your room or area. These hand-knotted treasures, crafted by hand, give you a masterpiece that is both elegant and durable. Visit our selection of hand-knotted traditional rugs at

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